Sweetly EP

by Mercy Choir

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"If you've lost track of what Paul Belbusti (aka Mercy Choir) is up to these days, that's OK. It's fine if you haven't heard about the current live lineup of Mercy Choir that is electrifying audiences all over the Northeastern United States. It's no big deal if you missed PPIANO, the instrumental, free-improv cassette released earlier this year. Don't panic if you aren't up to date on the latest release schedule which allegedly includes even more EPs and full lengths in the near future.

For now, enjoy Sweetly. It's a another new, solo, home recorded gem that somehow sounds like no other Mercy Choir release, yet manages to sound like absolutely no one else but." - dlr


released September 23, 2014

written, performed, and recorded by paul belbusti.
mastered by dan abatemarco: speakonion.com


all rights reserved



Mercy Choir

Mercy Choir is the musical project of Paul Belbusti, a person from the New Haven, Connecticut area of the United States of America.

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Track Name: Sweetly
All the roses and the simple picture poses that she sent to you
All the crying and the lying left you dying for a another view
Or another clue
Something laid out neatly
Cause if she really loved you she would tell you sweetly

She tried to hit you but she swung and then she missed you and she broke her hand
She tried to hold you but you laughed because she told you that she loves your band
She doesn’t understand
She missed the point completely
If she really loves your songs she would say so sweetly
Track Name: Cage Act #23
Since you've been around
I can't touch the ground
I can't fill an empty hole with sound
The fruit on the trees turned to brown

You're sure to be late
When you're waiting there for Kate
Her once perfect posture isn't great
Her spine used to be proud and straight
Her face deteriorating at an even quicker rate

Oh I'm a typical type of a man
There are others with similar plans
And how I will end is like how I began

Since you've been awake
I've swam in your wake
And drank all the water in the lake
We've both done the hippy hippy shake
I've learned to decorate a birthday cake

You're sure to be blue
If you mail Peggy Sue
The address she gives out isn't true
You can't find her no matter what you do
Her passport is under review
She hates anyone who doesn't share her point of view

Oh I'm a typical type of a guy
I'm sure you find someone nearby
With a beard and sunglasses if you're willing to try
Track Name: Get Our Shit Together
well the angel in the rain
had a habit to complain
about the purity of the cocaine
but she says she’ll learn now
what she didn’t learn then
when we get our shit together again

Well the boy in new york
took a road with a fork
like so many other young men
he told his young wife
he’d stay with her for life
when we get our shit together again

here we are

well the folk singer’s beard
got grey and got weird
but he still scrawled out words with his pen
no one knows his name
but he’ll still play the game
when we get our shit together again
Track Name: Free The Drummer
Free the drummer
Let him out
I can't even talk about
How long he's been locked away
I wonder if he's still able to play

I woke up in the morning and I said to my wife, “Well, I’ve done everything and some things twice.” And as I took another sip of my morning brew, she said, ‘I can think of one thing you never do.” She said, “ you never play drums like you used to do. “ I thought about it for a minute, I said, “you know, that’s true. Let’s get in the car and go.”

We took a ride down to the music store, I said, “hello sir, I know I look poor, but I saved a little cash so I can buy a set of drums, I used to play a lot and I know it sounds dumb, but I’d like to start up again.” He said, “right this way.”

“I sat down behind a shiny new kit, the bass drum said “LUDWIG” and I said, “shit, you don’t even need to hand me a stick.” I said, “this is the one I’m gonna pick. “ So I handed the man some cash. “Throw it in the truck, Daddy-o.”

The minute I got home I set em up in my room, the snare drum went CRACK the bass drum went BOOM, the cymbals vibrated my neck and spine, I opened up a bottle of Burgundy wine, I said, “this sounds alright to me.” And I started to feel free.

I was playing 6/8, I was playing 4/4, until I heard a bunch of knocks on my front door, when I opened it up, I saw it was the cops, they said, “you’re playing too loud and you gotta stop.” I said, “you don’t understand, officer. I ain’t hurting no one.”

I shut the door and I went on my way, but they just knocked again when they heard me play, and this time they were mad.

I said, “what in the world did I do this time? As far as I know playing drums ain’t a crime.” They said, “your crime is disturbing the peace.” I said, “no my crime is disturbing police.”

They put me in cuffs.
They took me away.
I guess it wasn’t my day.

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